Core Cryotherapy | About Us
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About Us

“We want to help change people’s lives for the better.”
Brent and Gretchen Holloway are life-long residents of Mississippi and veterans of the health care industry in the Jackson, Miss. area. Both are graduates of the University of Mississippi and have chosen careers where they could make a difference in their communities by serving in various aspects of health care.
Gretchen has been a registered nurse for over 15 years, working with patients of all ages. She has served in several Memphis and Jackson area hospitals and clinics and has a passion for working with children and mothers. As health care has advanced and new life-saving equipment and procedures became available to her patients, she moved into a training role for nurses and physicians in the area.
Brent has also served in the health care industry for nearly 15 years, serving as a specialist in surgical devices and cutting-edge medicine. He is passionate about health and fitness and works daily with local doctors as he assists in bringing innovative surgical technology to operating rooms around Jackson and Central Mississippi.
Gretchen and Brent have experienced the gratification that comes from sharing the benefits of new medical technology and it’s usefulness to others. They say their goal is to help patients have a better quality of life and alleviate issues that others may be struggling with.
“To know that we can help lessen some physical pains or help improve some physical issues that our friends and neighbors are suffering from, is a mission for us,” Gretchen said. “We want to help change people’s lives for the better.”